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Establish team and organizational goals to find the best assessment for you.

Collaborating with team members who have different communication styles and work preferences is a key organizational challenge. Set a defined goal to find the perfect solution for what you want to achieve. Birkman enables teams to achieve greater productivity by helping individuals with diverse personalities and motivations align. Through greater awareness and appreciation for individual differences, teams can increase their resilience and success.

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Create Psychological Safety... discuss and accept individual styles and get more team input. High-performing teams need an element of Psychological Safety to discuss different viewpoints and solutions without fear openly. This will empower the team to appreciate and listen to different viewpoints and learn from their mistakes. By allowing multiple perspectives, this puts more ideas on the table, allowing more innovative thinking to drive better solutions that can overcome complex problems.

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Identify and Leverage Strengths... facilitate collaboration and maximize team and individual performance. Understanding differences in personality and perspective is beneficial, but hard to do. It's challenging to work with varying styles of personality because it's natural to judge, instead of leverage, these differences. It's important to remind yourself that there are strengths that other perspectives have that yours might not.

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Engage Employees and Boost Team Morale... bringing clarity to the team’s purpose in a way that resonates with each individual. Successful teams depend on positive morale and motivated employees to keep up with and push ahead of the shifting workforce we are currently facing. With the rise of technology and automation, and a shift away from traditional business values, there is increasing pressure for employers to ensure their talent remains engaged and morale continues to thrive. 

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