The Ultimate Guide to Using Assessments 
for Team Building

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Success stories start
with a plan.

In every organization, unique personalities merge to create a dynamic environment that drives morale, engagement, and performance. Personality diversity leads to higher, more holistic performance but also increases the probability of misunderstanding and conflict within the team dynamic. Connecting teammates on a high-performing team with differing communication and work styles is one of the key challenges that organizations face. Birkman provides the tools to integrate diverse individuals into productive teams that achieve better productivity and success, and have the framework to resolve conflict and become more resilient. 

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Enhance the Employee Experience

Each person brings their own set of values, opinions, and preferences to the table which influence how they communicate and execute tasks. Learn how behavioral assessments lay a strong foundation and empower you to shape a company culture that is attractive to current and future employees. While not all assessments are the same, it is critical to find one that is a perfect fit for your organizational goals. 

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Overcome Team Challenges

Identify growth opportunities, overcome conflict in your teams, and learn proven and effective strategies to improve team morale and performance. In order to do this, you must create a safe space and a memorable language to discuss personality in the workplace in a non-judgmental way. It's also important to unify a team of remote workers, develop stronger relationships by harnessing conflict, and preserving culture during organizational change.

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Catalyze Team Growth

A common challenge that many companies face when they experience a period of rapid growth is a team that is not motivated. Connect the dots with team development tips and tricks to design a plan and take actionable steps in harnessing personality assessments to improve team dynamics and success. As your company grows, there will inevitably be major cultural and organizational changes that you’ll have to implement. 

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