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With over 70 years of observation and research, we've found the key to creating an unbeatable culture that drives employee engagement, team morale, and organizational performance. Birkman uncovers and interprets an individual’s unique Interests, Behaviors, and hidden Needs. Dive into the third and final team building eBook to discover why Birkman is the best personality assessment to strengthen your teams!

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Navigate Team Dynamics

Conflict is a natural part of working with others but knowing how to manage conflict can save your company billions of dollars and leave your employees with more time to focus on work and less likely to distract themselves and others with unproductive behaviors. Resolve conflict more effectively by using a shared language to discuss behavioral differences, minimize miscommunication by highlighting individual intentions and expectations, and optimize group interactions by understanding each team member’s behavioral advantages.

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Psychological Safety and Trust

Psychological Safety is providing an environment where team members can take interpersonal risks that improve learnings and increase collaboration. Leverage behavioral data to highlight individual strengths and appreciation for diverse or contrasting styles, increase team morale by understanding the type of work environment where each member feels most comfortable, and shape an inclusive culture where each individual feels valued and engaged within the team.

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Improve Team Productivity

One of the top reasons employees leave companies is a lack of fulfillment. Unfortunately, when an employee is disengaged, their behavior has a ripple effect on the overall group dynamic and can affect team productivity. Maximize talent by pairing skills and work experience with personality strengths and motivators, learn strategies to mitigate the causes of stress that can deter productivity and performance, and utilize personality diversity to create a team that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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