Develop more engaged, satisfied, and productive employees by diving deeper into the power of Birkman with Birkman Signature Certification!


Now that you've seen how the Basics Report can impact individuals and organizations, imagine the transformation you can unleash with the in-depth, full powered Birkman Signature Report. 

The Birkman Signature Report is a comprehensive report that utilizes the power of the Birkman assessment to cover a wide range of personality data and application points, including behavioral Components. To harness this, you can either:

  • Have yourself, or someone in your team, get certified to become the Birkman expert for your organization
  • Hire a consultant to interpret the report and work with your team to develop emotional intelligence   

Remember, greater investment yields greater reward. The more in-depth personality data you have access to, the better you will be able to help your teams grow and develop. This empowers you to capitalize on the human potential in your organization and in turn, establish more engaged, satisfied, and productive employees!

Signature Certification

Get deeper personality insights with Signature Certification. This stimulating, three-day training led by Birkman experts will empower you to fully interpret, analyze, and apply the Birkman Signature Report. In this course, gain exposure to real-life, interpersonal applications through case studies and engaging activities.

You'll explore Birkman Components which measure nine different behavioral facets, digging into a person's Usual Behavior, Needs, and Stress Behavior. Components open up the full range of personality insights to help you maximize personality! 

Here are some of the Components that you'll explore:



How you prefer to focus attention or change focus and seek varied tasks


Your tendency to speak up and express opinions openly and forcefully


Your approach to detail, structure, follow-through, and routine


Your decision making process and concern for consequences in making the right decision

At the end of training, you'll be able to interpret the Birkman Signature Report to coach others and bring about positive transformation. Click here to get a comprehensive overview of what you'll gain when you attend Signature Certification! 


Birkman Mindset Report


The Birkman Mindset report helps train individuals to become much more aware of our own filtered reality. The executive and leadership coaching experience that this report offers allows us to:  

  • Increase awareness of where other, common perspectives don’t align with our personal mindset 
  • Begin to understand the possibility of others’ perspectives 
  • Open and challenge our minds to see value in and leverage the differences in mindset among people

You will learn about the four Perspectives Scales:

Distinctive  Alignment  SocialAcuity   ImageManagement


The extent to which you see variation in your attitude, mindset, and behavior from others


The extent to which you present yourself in a traditional way

Social Acuity

The extent to which you have realistic expectations of other peoples' behaviors and attitudes

Image Management

The extent to which you devote energy to managing and maintaining a favorable public image

This 2-day workshop will deepen your understanding of Perspectives Scales and apply the data to business case studies. You will gain a suite of tools and consultant-led user groups to grow your coaching/consulting practice to help end users, including leaders, navigate market uncertainty and disruption.

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Birkman Resources
Attending Birkman Certification

Explore One of the Birkman Components

Do you prefer plenty of opportunities to interact with a large number of acquaintances and friends, or would you rather invest time in a few quality relationships? Watch this short video to become familiar with the Social Energy Component, your approachability and preference for group and team participation. 



Perspectives of a Leadership Coach

The right behavioral tool offers up the whole person from their point of view and asks others to share in their humanness: enter the Birkman Mindset report. A leadership coach shares her perspective on the Mindset report.


Expand Your Birkman Expertise

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