Let's dive into one of the most important Birkman concepts that you'll need in using this tool—Birkman Colors!

For centuries, humans have found many ways to categorize personalty. The Ancient Greeks established four different personality types that were used to identify and group people. They attributed personality to differences in physical factors. Today, we understand that these differences are molded by our experiences, our motivators, and our expectations. 

Birkman helps visualize each person's unique style and differences through the use of four colors—redgreenblue, and yellowWe associate each with one-word descriptors which represent how we typically interact with the world.

  • Red (Doer)- represents action, energy, and practical results
  • Green (Communicator)- represents persuading and communicating with people
  • Blue (Thinker)- represents innovation, creativity, and a preference for working with ideas
  • Yellow (Analyzer)- represents order, repeatability, procedures, and systems
Birkman Color Chart

See the above chart in higher resolution here.

These four colors are the foundation for your Birkman conversations and make understanding personality straightforward and memorable.

Everyone has a unique personality that is comprised of multiple facets, which we'll delve into with our conversation about Birkman Symbols. In fact, few people have personalities that are represented by only one color. 

Common Questions


Is it possible for your personality to feature traits of more than one color?

Yes! In the next email, we will explore the Birkman symbols. You can have different colors for each of the symbols, which correlate to our strength behavior, our expectations, our interests, and possible stressors. People also exhibit their colors to different degrees (or in a blend of each), which we'll discuss when we talk about the Birkman Map! 

Are certain colors preferable to others?

No, the world needs all kinds of people! Having a mix of personalities on a team encourages balance and diversity of thought.

Birkman Colors Activity
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To help communicate the concept of Birkman Colors and that our personalities alter how we view the world, take advantage of the tools and activities that we've created for you!

One of our popular tools are these colorful sunglasses, which are symbolic of our personality's perceptual filters and reinforce the idea that our own filters heavily influence the way we understand our surroundings. These sunglasses help people see the reality of their own perceptions and the filters of their peers. 

Visit the Birkman Store to purchase these colorful Birkman glasses and other helpful resources. 

Which Birkman Color are You

Which Color are You?

Use this playful infographic to address Birkman Colors and their different personality traits during your feedback sessions. You can also use this to help your family and friends guess their colors!


Birkman Store

Birkman Store
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